Joe Valvano & Sons - "We go the extra mile, one yard at a time"


We pride ourselves in our expertise in all our areas of service.
One call does it all !!!


Tired of dragging hoses all over your yard or
pushing a spreader to fertilize your grounds?

Joe Valvano & Sons can install an irrigation system that can water your entire landscape and eliminate hose pulling forever.  Upgrade the irrigation system into a fertigation system (an automatic system which uses an irrigation system, either existing or newly installed, to distribute fertilizers, organic critter & pest control, etc.) and eliminate time consuming expensive fertilization, pest spraying,
spreader pushing forever!

Whether it's a new lawn, new construction, a renovation,
new plantings, flower gardens, trees, plants,
irrigation, fertigation, mulching,

Joe Valvano & Sons

provides you expert installation at competitive prices
with a proven track record of making dreams evolve into reality.

Landscape Services Include:

  New Construction Design & Installation -
Trees & Plants - Annual Mulching & Bed Care -
Irrigation & Fertigation Systems-
Backflow Devices Testing-
Annual Clean Ups - Complete
Turf & Plant Health Care Programs -
Debris Removal, and More!


Do you have a dangerous tree on your mind, afraid it may fall?
Has a tree fallen and need someone to take the eyesore away?

Well look no further,

Joe Valvano & Sons

has experienced experts that can put your mind
at ease performing countless removals,
canopy trimming, pruning, etc.
to ensure you get the right job at the right price. 

Complete Tree Services Include:

  Tree Removal - Tree Trimming - Tree & Plant Injecting -
Wood Chipping Services - Stump Grinding -
Stump Removals -  Land Clearing - and More!


Your landscape is the welcome mat to your
place of business or residence for all to see in plain view everyday.

Joe Valvano & Sons

keeps your place of business or residence at optimal
elegance to ensure that the first impression is the right impression. 
We have provided quality unsurpassed services for a
wide variety of clients including
Corporate Facilities, Business Parks,
Condominium Complexes, City and Townships,
Retail Shopping Centers, Apartments,
Estates, and Residential Homes.

Commercial & Residential Services Include:

 Monthly Maintenance - Backflow Devices Testing -
Design & Installation -
Leaf Removal - Mowing - Weed Control -
Bed Care & Mulching - Tree & Shrub Care - Aeration -
Seeding - Sod Installation - Dethatching - Fertilization - and More!


 Give your landscape beautiful scenery with
pavers, stonescapes, and outdoor hardscapes
that create functionality while complimenting the
architecture of your home with a breathtaking outdoor environment.

Joe Valvano & Sons

hardscapes are works of art. 
Each unique design uses color, composition and
attention to detail to bring one-of-a-kind elegance to any project.

Hardscaping Services Include:

  Stonescapes - Paver & Stone Work - Patios - Walkways - Retaining Walls  - Various Types of Stone Walls - Terraces - Paving - Driveways - Fences - Fountains - Ponds - Belgium Blocks, and More!


Want to enjoy your landscape
at all hours while
providing security,
safety, and beauty?

Joe Valvano & Sons

can install a eye catching nightscape utilizing a variety of advanced low voltage lighting
techniques to accent optimally your existing landscape.
Let your landscape glow and grow!

Nightscaping Services Include:

Path lighting - spot lighting - area lighting - shadowing silhouetting - architectural accenting - plant accenting - safety illumination - security illumination - and more!!


Having trouble getting employees to work on time?
Can't get out of the driveway in snowy weather?
Get our around the clock service in commercial and
residential applications to your front step.
Let it snow, Valvano is on the go!!!  

Snow Removal Services Include:

Monthly Snow Contracts - Per Push Contracts -
De-Icing Services - Off site Snow Removal -
Driveway De-Icing & Plowing -
Walkway De-Icing & Clearing - Road Clearing - and More!


Wondering who can build your dream home?
Who do I call to clear the land,
dig the foundation, install the septic system ?
Who is reputable and knowledgeable
in all phases of General Contracting?
The answer is

Joe Valvano & Sons

Fully Licensed in Septic Installation, along with,
Three generations of Builders experience assures you
the best build money can buy.

Construction Services Include:

 Excavating - Drainage - General Contracting -
New Construction - Additions - Remodeling - Grading -
Septic Systems - and More!